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Advice on applying to clinical radiology training in the UK and support for radiology registrars in training

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Radiology Cafe's mission is to support applicants to clinical radiology training and provide the best educational resources and exam preparation material for radiology trainees

What is provides help for junior doctors applying to clinical radiology and resources to help radiology trainees. Find out more.

We have detailed in-depth information on the interview and application process for ST1 Clinical Radiology training in the UK, with a long list of example interview questions, latest competition ratios, advice on improving your CV and portfolio, and life as a radiologist.

For radiology registrars in training, we have world class educational resources including free mock anatomy exams, physics notes, all the best FRCR revision materials, tips and advice for the FRCR exams and more...

Hints, useful resources and recommended reading for the First FRCR anatomy and physics exams
Hints, tips, useful resources and recommended reading for the FRCR 2A exams
Up-to-date list of all FRCR 2B courses in the UK


Example radiology ST1 interview questions

  1. Why radiology?
  2. What qualities do you bring to radiology?
  3. What are the qualities of a good radiologist?
  4. How would you design and set up a radiology audit?
  5. Do you think research is important?

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Our educational resources are world class. We reach doctors and students not just within the UK, but throughout the world.