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2nd Edition of FRCR Physics Notes now on Kindle

The 2nd Edition of FRCR Physics notes is available on Kindle.

The FRCR physics revision notes at Radiology Cafe have been updated to reflect changes in the IRMER regulations, examination content and technology. They have been viewed over 750,000 times and we decided that it was time to release an up-to-date version for Kindle.

We are delighted to announce the second edition of FRCR Physics Notes, released on 23rd October 2019.

FRCR Physics Notes: Revision notes for the First FRCR Physics Exam (2nd edition)
Cover of FRCR Physics Notes (2nd edition)

New content

Written by two UK Radiologists and published by Radiology Cafe Publishing, these notes cover all aspects of radiology physics with plenty of easy-to-follow diagrams to explain even the most complicated concepts easily.

The notes are based on the RCR R-ITI modules to echo the content of the FRCR part 1 exams.  They’ve been assessed and critiqued by physicists from around the UK, and received extensive user feedback to ensure the most accurate, useful and up-to-date resource for radiology physics revision.

The 2nd edition includes updates to reflect new legislation, new illustrations, added content, corrections and removal of content no longer relevent to the FRCR physics exam.

Furthermore, for a limited time until the end of October 2019, the book will retail at £7.99 (half price!) so get it while there is a discount!



"Presentation of the concepts is extremely simplified using colorful diagrams at each step with concise and only useful stuff, not the redundant historical data. It’s the best resource to study physics for all radiologists"

"Thanks for such a concise and wonderful set of notes. I read it one day before the exams. I’ve watched numerous videos and read a few text books but your notes really helped me to understand the MRI concepts better, finally. Thank you"

"Physics made easy. Thank you"

We would love your feedback on the new edition

Please leave feedback on Amazon or feel free to get in touch via the contact us page.

Look forward to hearing from you!

This post was written by Dr Christopher Clarke, Consultant Radiologist, Nottingham (UK) at the time of publishing.


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