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New FRCR physics notes live

We have just finished uploading beautiful FRCR Physics notes to Radiology Cafe.

These notes are for those sitting the first FRCR physics exam and are based on, and cover, the entire scope of the RCR Radiology – integrated training initiative (R-ITI) e-learning upon which the first FRCR physics exams are based.  The notes are concise and comprehensive with plenty of beautiful diagrams to aid in understanding.  Each field of radiology physics is covered and separated into structured pages to make it easy to work through or to provide a quick point of reference for when you need to look something up.

FRCR Physics Notes atom

They were created by Dr Sarah Abdulla while an ST5 trainee at Norwich.  When she was revising for her FRCR physics exam she was frustrated with the lack of concise yet comprehensive notes written in a way she could easily understand.  This led to her creating her own notes and she realised that other might find these notes useful so decided to make them available online…   …and now the notes have been moved to Radiology Cafe!

The notes provide an excellent overview for anyone interested in learning about the physics of radiology.  They have been separated into chapters covering basic science, x-ray imaging, CT imaging, ultrasound imaging, MR imaging, molecular imaging, and radiation dosimetry, protection and legislation.   There’s even a search bar to help you!

  View the FRCR Physics notes now

Feedback for this new resource has been quite simply amazing.  Here are a few of the comments we’ve received:

"Just to say a huge thank you for the FRCR physics notes you've put online. They're incredibly helpful with just the right level of detail. I'm very grateful!"

"Thanks so much for your revision notes, they’re truly incredible!"

"I just wanted to say a big thanks for your incredible work on summarising the FRCR Physics curriculum on your website which I randomly (and luckily) came across thanks to Google. I’m an ST1 sitting my FRCR Physics in 2 weeks time and your notes have made my life a lot easier! So thanks. Keep them coming please!!!"

We would love your feedback on the new Physics notes!  Please get in touch via the contact us page.  We look forward to hearing from you!