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Radiology Cafe interview on RadCast

Founder of Radiology Cafe, Dr Christopher Clarke, talks about the website on the new RadCast Podcast

RadCast is a new series of podcasts developed by UK clinical radiology trainees.  Their mission is to provide a grassroots perspective into all things Clinical Radiology.

Early in January 2019 they interviewed Dr Christopher Clarke and asked many questions about Radiology Cafe.  They discuss the history of Radiology Cafe and how it has developed over the years as well as many other issues including use of social media by radiologists.

Rad Cast Episode 7 - Dr Christopher Clarke talks about the website Radiology Cafe
Rad Cast Episode 7 - Dr Christopher Clarke talks about the website Radiology Cafe

You can listen to the episode on Spotify

Each month RadCast release a new podcast that focuses on different pertinent issues within the specialty.  From the role of skills mix to the impact of artificial intelligence, RadCast aims to shed light on these issues by giving you access to guest expert interviewers.  Thank you RadCast for the opportunity to talk about Radiology Cafe!

I hope you enjoy the podcast!

This post was written by Dr Christopher Clarke, Consultant Radiologist, Nottingham (UK) at the time of publishing.


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