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The art of xrays

Radiology is art.

Here's some original X-ray art from Radiology Cafe.

Mixing paint

'Mixing paint' by Christopher Clarke
'Mixing paint' by Christopher Clarke

A radiograph of an art palette. The differences in attenuation between different colours are clearly seen, with denser pigments appearing ‘blacker’.

The cycle helmit

'The cycle helmet' by Christopher Clarke
'The cycle helmet' by Christopher Clarke

Cranial-caudal, anterior-posterior and lateral views of a cycle helmet show the engineering hidden within!

Writing implements

'Writing implements' by Christopher Clarke
'Writing implements' by Christopher Clarke

A selection of fountain, ballpoint, gel, multi-functional, rollerball, mechanical, traditional, highlighters, marker and electronic pens.  Can you tell which one is which?

My first X-ray

My first X-ray by Dr Christopher Clarke
My first X-ray by Dr Christopher Clarke

If only all children’s books contained colourful radiographs like this one.  Can you name all of the coloured anatomy?  I’ll give you a helping hand – the sacrum is dark blue and the right femur is light pink.  Modified from the original image in Abdominal X-rays for Medical Students

Loaded pistol

'Loaded pistol' by Dr Christopher Clarke
'Loaded pistol' by Dr Christopher Clarke

Only one of these two guns will win in a water fight.  Can you tell which one?

We hope you enjoyed this X-ray art

Please let us know if you would like to see more.  We would like to acknowledge the plain films radiographers at St James’s University Hospital in Leeds for their help in acquiring some of these brilliant images.

© 2017 Christopher Clarke. All rights reserved.


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