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Video tutorials from Radiology Masters

Just wanted to give a shout out to Radiology Masters, an online radiology education platform created in 2017 by UK radiologists Dr Dan Fascia, Dr John Curtis and Dr Radhika Prasad.  They each share a passion for teaching and their understanding of the increasing demand for easily accessible radiology education led them to create this useful resource.

Radiology Masters screenshot
Radiology Masters screenshot

Radiology Masters was initially set up as a website for radiology teaching, on which common radiology topics are explained by the team members in bitesize tutorial videos.  To date the they have had around 250,000 users.  The platform has since evolved and expanded and to date the team have delivered 3 series’ of live online webinars to coach prospective FRCR 2B candidates from the comfort of their own home.  In total almost 2000 candidates from across the world have logged in to this unique learning experience, which is designed to mirror the experience of getting one-on-one teaching from a radiology consultant in your local department.

Dr John Curtis (Radiology Masters)
Dr John Curtis
Dr Radhika Prasad (Radiology Masters)
Dr Radhika Prasad (Radiology Masters)
Dr Daniel Fascia (Radiology Masters)
Dr Daniel Fascia (Radiology Masters)

Further new additions to the website include a series of online x-ray rapid packets created to sharpen the reporting skills of prospective radiology exam candidates.

In light of the unfortunate Covid-19 pandemic, the Radiology Masters team has used their experience of online teaching to team up with the Royal College of Radiologists and London School of Radiology to deliver a series of web-based teaching sessions to all UK radiology trainees. This has proved to be very successful, and will likely set a precedence for future radiology education.

It’s worth checking out at

This post was written by Dr Christopher Clarke, Consultant Radiologist, Nottingham (UK) at the time of publishing.


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