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  1. Access to an engaged audience of medical professionals, with our core consisting of UK radiology trainees and doctors applying to radiology.

  2. Our free resources are well known and highly regarded throughout the UK radiology community (just ask any radiology trainee).

  3. We have a growing number of users (>100% increase in 2018 vs 2017), a very low homepage bounce rate of 19.5% and long average time spent on page (>5 mins).

  4. We will only partner with brands we think will be relevant to the audience. If you explore our website you will notice there is very little advertising, so your advert will stand out and catch their eye.

  5. We are flexible with where / when your advert will be placed and will work with you to ensure it is in an appropriate position to target the correct audience.


Contact details

If you are interested in partnering with us or sponsoring sections of the website, please contact Dr Christopher Clarke

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Dr Christopher Clarke



Photo of Dr Christopher Clarke


Consultant Abdominal Radiologist at Nottingham University Hospitals and founder of Radiology Café

I am passionate about providing excellent educational resources and exam preparation material for trainees



Dr Clarke is a consultant radiologist at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust (UK) specialising in gastrointestinal (GI), hepatobiliary (HPB) and emergency imaging.  He is proficient in ultrasound, fluoroscopy, CT and MRI imaging, not only reporting general diagnostic radiology scans and investigations, but sub-specialising in imaging and intervention of the GI tract. His expertise includes proctography, bowel imaging, CT colonography, liver MRI, long-term drains, nephrostomies, central venous access, gastrostomies and oesophageal, duodenal and colonic stenting.

He completed his medical training at the University of Leicester (UK) and clinical radiology training at Nottingham University Hospitals (UK), followed by a one-year fellowship in GI and HPB imaging at Leeds Teaching Hospitals.

He is a fellow of the Royal College of Radiologists (RCR) and on the General Medical Council specialist register.  He is treasurer for the British Society of Gastrointestinal and Abdominal Radiology (BSGAR) and sits as a member of the online editorial board for the European Society of Gastrointestinal and Abdominal Radiology (ESGAR).

He enjoys web development and graphic design, and is keen to help trainees get the most out of clinical radiology training.


Radiology Cafe screenshot as seen on different devices

He founded Radiology Cafe in April 2011 and is currently the lead developer and editor-in-chief.  He works hard to ensure accurate and excellent content throughout the site.  He developed the First FRCR anatomy mock exams, producing 1800 free questions to help radiology trainees.  He is also co-author of FRCR Physics Notes (along with Dr Sarah Abdulla).

In 2018 he founded Radiology Cafe Publishing and published FRCR Physics Notes: Revision notes for the First FRCR Physics exam on Kindle, currently in it's second edition.  He is currently working on a few other projects including a paperback version of the FRCR physics books and mock Rapid Reporting FRCR exams on this website.


Book publications

Cover of Chest X-rays for Medical Students (2nd Edition)


Chest X-rays for Medical Students (2nd Edition)

1st author, 144 pages, published in 2020.  Further information and sample pages. Follow on  .


Cover of Abdominal X-rays for Medical Students


Abdominal X-rays for Medical Students

1st author, 121 pages, published in 2015.  Highly commended at the 2016 BMA Medical Book Awards.  Further information and sample pages.  Follow on  .


FRCR Physics Notes: Medical imaging physics for the First FRCR examination


FRCR Physics Notes: Medical imaging physics for the First FRCR examination (3rd edition)

Co-author, 318 pages, published in 2020.  Further information.  Follow on  .



Alternatively send a message using this contact form

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We are ideally looking for articles aimed at one of the following groups:

  1. Junior doctors
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Radiology Revision for Finals Feedback

Complete the feedback forms below to reveive an attendance certificate

Abdominal X-ray Revision for Finals Feedback (9.2.21)

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Each feedback survey takes approximately 1 minute.

Please note this survey will close on 11/02/2021. Responses after this time will not be registered.

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Radiology cafe square logo

Radiology Cafe's mission is to support applicants to clinical radiology training and provide the best educational resources and exam preparation material for radiology trainees


What is Radiology Cafe?

Radiology Cafe is a website providing junior doctors invaluable advice on applying to clinical radiology and supports radiology trainees with revision resources and mock exams.

There's detailed in-depth information about the radiology application process including example interview questions, latest competition ratios, advice on improving your CV and portfolio, and information on what it's like working as a radiologist.

For radiology trainees we provide guidance for the FRCR exams including revision notes, mock exams and up-to date lists of all courses.  We also have teaching resources for medical students.


How do we work?

We look at what doctors and students need help with and we try and help them.  That's why we created free mock FRCR Part 1 anatomy exams and FRCR Physics notes.  We're always looking to see what else we can add to Radiology Cafe to help trainees and applicants to radiology.  We have some fantastic contributors and only publish content which has been peer reviewed and meets our high standards.


UK excellence, global reach

Radiology Cafe users from around the world

Source: Google Analytics


Our educational resources are world class and we reach students, doctors and trainees not just within the UK, but throughout the world.  Here's some of our user statistics.

 16,895  cities

225  countries


Meet the team

Christopher Clarke


Founder, Editor and Developer of Radiology Cafe

Christopher Clarke

Dr Christopher Clarke is a Consultant Radiologist at Nottingham University Hospitals in the UK and founded Radiology Cafe in 2011.  He is the editor of the First FRCR anatomy mock exams and editor-in-chief of Radiology Cafe, ensuring accurate and excellent content throughout the site.  He is the author of Chest X-rays for Medical Students (1ed 2011, 2ed 2020), Abdominal X-rays for Medical Students (2015), which was highly commended at the 2016 BMA Medical Book Awards, and FRCR Physics Notes (1ed 2018, 2ed 2019, 3ed 2020) books.  He enjoys web development and graphic design, and is keen to help trainees get the most out of clinical radiology training.


Sarah Abdulla


FRCR Physics Notes Editor

Sarah Abdulla

Dr Sarah Abdulla is a Consultant Neuroradiologist at Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust (UK) and editor of the FRCR physics notes at Radiology Cafe and author of FRCR Physics Notes (1ed 2018. 2ed 2019, 3ed 2020) book. Sarah attended medical school in Cambridge and undertook a Neuroradiology Fellowship at the University of Toronto.


Melisa Sia


Radiology Basics Editor

Meilsa Sia

Editor of Radiology Basics at Radiology Cafe, Melisa graduated from Leicester Medical School in 2014. She is a radiology registrar at Norwich Radiology Academy (UK).


Article contributors

Ebrahim Palkhi

MBChB BSC (Hons)

Ebrahim Palkhi


Rachel Hubbard


Rachel Hubbard


Smeer Aggarwal


Smeer Aggarwal


Anne-Marie Taylor

MBBS BSc (Hons)

Anne-Marie Taylor


Krit Dwivedi

BMBS BMedSci (Hons)

Krit Dwivedi


Amir Helmy


Amir Helmy


Josephine Weaver


Josephine Weaver


Calum Worsley

MB BChir

Calum Worsley




Blog contributors

Kirsty Wood
James Sutton
Andrew Koo
Michael Larson
Emily King
Mohammed Noaman
Abbas Palkhi
Omar Abdel-Hadi
Ashraf Abbas
Senali Perera
Almuzamel Khair
Margarita Lymbouris


Special thanks

Many thanks to the plain film radiographers at St James's University Hospital in Leeds for helping us take some awesome arty x-rays.  Thanks to the radiographers at Nottingham University Hospitals for helping to scan a Kinder Egg and a massive thanks to anyone else not mentioned who has helped contribute to Radiology Cafe.


  We're looking for keen individuals to help add content and join our team! If you would like to learn more, please get in touch.

Dr Christopher Clarke
Founder, Radiology Cafe


When did Radiology Cafe start?

The idea for Radiology Cafe began early in 2011 to provide a portal for students and junior doctors to learn more about the specialty.  Within a few months the website was live and since then it has evolved over many years and helped numerous doctors with their applications to radiology training.  Radiology Cafe will continue to develop and grow as new material is added all the time.  Watch this space!


How is the site structured?

Interview & Application

Aimed at helping junior doctors applying for ST1 Clinical Radiology training posts.  There is useful information on the application and interview process, competition ratios, improving CVs and portfolios and what its like working as a radiologist.  There is also information for medical students on what is a radiologist as well as advice on how to improve their CV whilst at medical school.


Useful tips and advice for the FRCR exams, free mock anatomy exams, physics revision notes, list of FRCR revision courses, links to great resources and books and gallery of normal anatomical variants.

Radiology trainees

Aimed at radiology registrars in training.  A starters guide for new ST1 trainees, money saving tips, links to radiological societies and dedicated advice for consultant job preparation.

Junior doctors & students

Aimed at juniors and medical students.  Recommended books, revision resources and Radiology Basics, a free e-learning resource teaching the basics of CT, MRI and Ultrasound.


Information and links to upcoming radiological events, courses, conferences and meetings including an up-to-date list of all revision courses for the FRCR exams.


Posts on all sort of radiology training topics and latest website updates.


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