Events and FRCR exam revision courses

Radiology Cafe have put together a comprehensive up-to-date list of exam related courses to help you prepare for the First FRCR, FRCR Part 2A and FRCR Part 2B exams.  As far as we are aware, this is the most complete list anywhere on the web.  If you know of any courses you would like adding to this list (or if any details or links are incorrect) please contact us and we will consider adding to this page.

  First FRCR Anatomy Courses

  First FRCR Physics Courses

  FRCR 2a Courses

  Other event diaries


There are so many courses, conferences, meetings etc that to keep an updated list of them all would be a nightmare!  Thankfully there are a few organisations that have excellent event diaries online.

  FRCR 2B Courses (UK)

Please note these FRCR 2B courses are subject to change and candidates are advised to book early (up to a year in advance).  Often places will become available at last minute due to people dropping out, booking more courses than they need or being unable to get the time off, so make sure you add your name to a waiting list if possible.

  FRCR 2B Courses (Abroad)