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Revision notes for the First FRCR physics exam

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18 mock anatomy exams for the first FRCR examination

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Recommended FRCR exam courses, books and resources

Recommended books, e-learning and online resources for the First, 2A and 2B FRCR examinations


First FRCR anatomy exam books

First FRCR anatomy exam online resources

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First FRCR anatomy exam courses

  First FRCR Anatomy Courses

First FRCR Physics exam books

First FRCR Physics exam online resources

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First FRCR Physics exam courses

  First FRCR Physics Courses

FRCR 2A books

Recommended reference:

Crack the Core Exam - Volume 1
Crack the Core Exam - Volume 1 and 2
Prometheus Lionhart

A good core textbook which succinctly covers a lot of the common exam topics with many good aide memories. There are some inaccuracies so you'll need to cross-reference with other sources, and it is written by an American so doesn't cover any national UK guidelines and sometimes uses brand names for basic drugs which you may need to look up. We suggest you annotate with your own notes as you revise.

Fundamentals of Skeletal Radiology
Fundamentals of Skeletal Radiology
Clyde Helms

Known as "the pink book". A superb introduction to musculoskeletal radiology providing a good overview of tricky areas, particularly bone lesions. Recommend reading cover to cover before doing 2A practise questions.

Radiology Review Manual
Radiology Review Manual
Wolfgang Dahnert

A comprehensive radiology reference text with logical organisation, extensive lists of imaging findings and differential diagnoses. Many diagrams, but no radiology images. The 2A exams often ask you about the smallest of details straight out of this book. Do not read cover to cover (that's insane), but use as a reference while revising for the exams.

Recommended question books:

FRCR 2A online resources

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Songs 4 FRCR: Radiology FRCR 2A Revision PodCast logo

Songs 4 FRCR: Radiology FRCR 2A Revision
Passive FRCR 2A revision for commutes and lazy days combining revision with cheesy music.  Worth a listen.

FRCR 2A courses

  FRCR 2a Courses

Final FRCR 2B books

Final FRCR 2B online resources

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Free rapid reporting packets (7 x packets of 30) Vivas  
Free vivas (6 x practice vivas)

Final FRCR 2B courses

  FRCR 2B Courses (UK)

Please note these FRCR 2B courses are subject to change and candidates are advised to book early (up to a year in advance).  Often places will become available at last minute due to people dropping out, booking more courses than they need or being unable to get the time off, so make sure you add your name to a waiting list if possible.

  FRCR 2B Courses (Abroad)

If you know of other good resources you think should be added to this page or know of any useful tips/resources for future exam candidates, then please contact us and we will consider adding to this page!