Competition ratios for Clinical Radiology ST1

Clinical radiology is a very rewarding career but getting a training post is competitive

Key statistics from 2017 ST1 recruitment:

    • 937 applications
    • 262 ST1 training posts in England, Scotland & Wales
    • 771 took the SRA
    • 554 candidates were interviewed

    • Applicants : Posts = 3.58 : 1
    • Interviews : Posts = 2.11 : 1


Graph showing the number of radiology applications, SRA examinations, interviews and posts filled for each year (2012-2017)


Graph showing the number of radiology applications, SRA examinations, interviews and posts filled for each year (2012-2017)


The competition ratio refers to the number of applications per post.  This means that in 2017 there were roughly three and a half applications for every ST1 clinical radiology training post.  This places clinical radiology with other specialties such as neurosurgery, microbiology and ophthalmology which all had higher competition ratios than other specialties recruiting for CT1 or ST1 (such as paediatrics, obstetrics and gynaecology, surgery and anaesthetics).

In 2013 Scotland joined the process.  This led to an increase in overall posts and applications.

It is important however to understand these ratios in the context of applicants making multiple applications to different specialties.  For example one applicant may apply for both clinical radiology and paediatrics, however they will only accept one of the two posts.  Approximately 1/4 to 1/3 of applicants make two or more applications.  This has the effect of artificially increasing the competition ratio for specialties they applied to, but did not accept.  Therefore the 'true' competition ratio for clinical radiology in 2017 was almost certainly lower than 3.58:1.  It is useful to bear this in mind and try not to let competition ratios influence your choice of specialty when applying.

Another thing to bear in mind is that there will usually be more posts available than the number stated on Oriel.  If you managed to reach a minimum score at interview but did not score enough to get an offer, you will be entered into clearing for any rejected offers.


Previous years

Below are tables of the ST1 clinical radiology application numbers from the previous 6 years:


Posts available 262
Applications 937
Took SRA 771
Interviewed 554
Posts filled 262
Fill rate 100%


Posts available 249
Applications 963
Took SRA 823
Interviewed 537
Posts filled 249
Fill rate 100%


Posts available 244
Applications 917
Interviewed 734
Posts filled 244
Fill rate 100%


Posts available 229
Applications 794
Interviewed 635
Posts filled 229
Fill rate 100%


Posts available 210
Applications 754
Interviewed 604
Posts filled 210
Fill rate 100%


Posts available 167
Applications 693
Interviewed 544
Posts filled 167
Fill rate 100%

(Source: The Royal College of Radiologists Statistical summary of previous rounds webpage)


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