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Application portal, important documents and useful hints and tips

Application portal

Applications for ST1 Clinical Radiology training in England, Scotland and Wales are submitted online as a single application.  Essentially this means there is just one 'national' application rather than having to submit multiple applications to each area of the country individually.  Applications are made using the online ORIEL recruitment system and only be accessed during the job application period.


 What is ORIEL?

ORIEL is the new national recruitment website for doctors applying for specialist training posts in the UK.  In 2014 it was rolled for all medical training post applications.  It allows doctors to register, view vacancies, apply, book interviews and receive offers all in one place.

All applicants to ST1 Clinical Radiology must register and apply at by the closing date of 30th November 2017 (16:00).  The overall selection process and timeline can be found at the bottom of the ST1 Clinical Radiology interview & application advice page on this website.


Completing the application

Leave enough time to complete your application.  It's important.


Important documents

Below are two essential documents to read before making an application:

  1. Applicant User Guide  

    • Applicant User Guide is available to view for the medical recruitment round. The guide is here to assist you in making the best possible applications throughout the full application process. Please read the full guide book to ensure that you are fully equipped before placing an application.

  2. Person specification 2018 for ST1 Clnical Radiology  

    • ST1 Clinical Radiology has a nationally agreed person specification.  In making the application, you will need to provide evidence to prove that you have achieved the specified competences in the person specification.


Useful hints and tips


  • Prepare for the Specialty Recruitment Assessment (SRA)

    • The Specialty Recruitment Assessment (SRA) test was introduced into the recruitment process in 2016.  All applicants will be required to sit this test early in the new year.  Full details of the test and the available test venues in the UK and overseas will be posted on the ORIEL recruitment system.  The SRA will be used to shortlist-out only the lowest scoring applicants, with interview places allocated to the top scoring applicants according to the number of interview slots available.

      Click for more detailed information on the SRA.

  • Fill out the application with care

    • Although you are only giving basic information and there are no specialty specific questions, please don't treat it as a 'box-ticking exercise'.  Every year candidates fail to be 'longlisted' because they have filled out the application incorrectly or missed the application deadline.  In 2014 there were 29 applicants who didn't get through the 'longlisting' stage.  The most common reason is not submitting the necessary evidence of their competences.  Other reasons are not having the correct visa or not meeting the eligibility criteria usually by having more than 18 months experience in radiology.

  • Don't leave applying until the last minute

    • The application is an online web based form and can take quite a while to complete so don't leave applying until the last minute!  There are many sections of the application to complete, but you have the ability to save and go back to it at a later time to finish it off.  Remember many candidates failed to get an interview because they missed the application deadline.
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Competition ratios

Clinical radiology is a very rewarding career but getting a training post is competitive.

Key statistics from 2017 :

  • There were 937 applications for 262 ST1 training posts in England, Scotland & Wales.
  • 554 candidates were interviewed.
  • There were on average 3.58 applications to every 1 post.

Click here for more information including statistics from previous years

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