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Competition ratios

Clinical radiology is a very rewarding career but getting a training post is competitive.

Key statistics from 2023:

  • There were 3068 applications for 350 ST1 training posts in England, Scotland & Wales.
  • There were on average 8.77 applications to every 1 post.

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What is a radiologist?

Overview on what a radiologist is and what they do

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ST1 Clinical Radiology – Where to apply

How are training programmes ranked?

As part of the ST1 radiology application process you will be asked to preference your preferred training location. This occurs after taking the MSRA examination, but before the results of the interview.

You will be asked to rank all the available deaneries in order of preference on the ORIEL application platform. At the same time as ranking the deaneries, you can also indicate whether you would like a placement with an interventional radiology theme or not (if offered by that deanary). You can also view a little additional information for each deanary such as the number of training places at each location. You have the option to choose to exclude yourself from specific locations and you do not have to rank all of them if you do not wish to.

Applying to England, Scotland and Wales

Many doctors choose where to apply based on geographical location.  Common issues to consider include:

  • Do you want to be where your friends and/or family are based?
  • What type of training scheme do you want to be part of – a radiology academy or more traditional scheme?
  • Do you want to continue training at the same place you did previously?
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Where do you want to apply?

Below are links to each Local Education and Training Board (LETB) / Deanery for more information.  Click to find out more about the radiology training in each area.  Some deaneries cover more than one training scheme (see table below).

Clinical Radiology Training Programmes

LETB/DeaneryTraining Scheme(s)
East Midlands  Leicester; Nottingham
East of England  Cambridge, Essex, Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire, and Norwich
KSS  Kent, Surrey & Sussex
(Unofficial info for prospective trainees  )
Imperial; Chelsea & Westminster; Northwick Park; Royal Free; St Barts & the Royal London; University College Hospital; Guy’s & St Thomas’; King’s College; St George’s
North East  Newcastle upon Tyne; Teeside
North West  Manchester; Mersey
Scotland East  East Scotland (Dundee)
Scotland North  North Scotland (Aberdeen)
Scotland South East  South East Scotland (Edinburgh)
Scotland West  West Scotland (Glasgow)
South West (Severn)  Bristol
South West (Peninsula)  Plymouth & Peninsula
Thames Valley  Oxford
Wales  South Wales; North Wales
Wessex  Portsmouth & Southampton
West Midlands  North Staffordshire (Stoke on Trent); West Midlands (Birmingham)
Yorkshire and the Humber  Leeds/Bradford; Hull & East Yorkshire; Sheffield

Radiology Academies

Academy teaching at Leeds Teaching Hospitals
Academy teaching at Leeds Teaching Hospitals
In response to the national shortage of Radiologists, the Department of Health and the Royal College of Radiologists developed centres (or academies) dedicated to training more radiologists. These academy schemes take on more trainees than other schemes of similar sizes and teach through a mixture of clinical experience, tutorials, simulators, imaging banks, and classic teaching methods. More academies have recently been set up to help improve and facilitate radiology training.

Applying to Northern Ireland

Applications to Northern Ireland are handled differently to the rest of the UK.  For more information, visit the Northern Ireland Medical & Dental Training Agency  .

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