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Look into a career in radiology

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Radiology Basics

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So are you interested in a career in radiology?

...or do you simply enjoy looking at imaging?

Either way, clinical radiology is now central to much of hospital medicine and is certainly one of the most exciting specialties.  The specialist training takes 5 years.  You can become a generalist, or after learning the 'core' skills you can choose to sub-specialise, for example in brain or abdominal imaging.  If you start building your CV early on, you'll find applying for jobs much easier, especially when you're asked to demonstrate your commitment to radiology!


Must reads for students interested in Radiology


Here's a list of things you can do to get a head start and improve your CV:

  • During medical school teaching, take as many opportunities as possible to learn more about the specialty.  Talk to radiologists, radiology trainees and junior doctors about the specialty and visit the department to see what we do!
  • Do a radiology student selected component or module.
  • Consider joining or setting up a radiology student society.
  • Apply for undergraduate bursaries and prizes  
  • Read our helpful article on improving your CV.
  • Conduct or help with radiology audits and research.  This is great at demonstrating your commitment to radiology and will get your face known!
  • Attend regional and national careers meetings and events.


And here's a bit of fun!  Name the three items in the x-ray below:


X-ray of three objects. Can you guess what they are?

Answer: Fruit Pastilles, Double Decker and Kit Kat

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