Abdominal X-rays for Medical Students

A comprehensive guide to reading, presenting and interpreting abdominal radiographs

Highly Commended in Radiology in the 2016 BMA Medical Book Awards

“This is very good learning tool for medical students and ancillary healthcare professionals. Other books on this topic exist but I have never seen such a well-presented book. The examples and pictographic explanations are the best I have seen. Demonstration of the sometimes bewildering array of descriptive terms with excellent images and diagrams is the most memorable feature of this book. This is a really excellent book that will help the doctors of tomorrow have a sound understanding of abdominal X-rays and will likely spark an interest in radiology among its readers.”


Highly Commended in Radiology in the 2016 BMA Medical Book Awards


Abdominal X-rays for Medical Students book cover

Cover of Abdominal X-rays for Medical Students Book


  • Covers the key knowledge and skills necessary for practical use.

  • Provides an effective and memorable way to analyse and present abdominal radiographs - the unique ‘ABCDE’ system as developed by the authors.  Perfect for examinations, vivas and OSCEs.

  • Presents each radiograph twice, side by side: the first as seen in the clinical setting, and the second with the pathology clearly highlighted in colour.  Gone are the days of trying to figure out what that small arrow is pointing to, as seen in other books!

  • Includes a self-assessment section to test your knowledge and presentation technique with a systematic approach covering both the analysis of radiographs and next steps mirroring the clinical setting and context.


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Example page from 'Abdominal X-rays for Medical Students' book

Here's an example page from Abdominal X-rays for Medical Students showing examples of large bowel obstruction and an overview of sigmoid and caecal volvuli


This title is clearly illustrated using a unique colour overlay system.  A succinct and up-to-date overview of the principles and practice of this important topic.  Essential reading for any medical student.


"...This is, quite frankly, one of the essential textbooks that should be in the library of any medical student. It is a fantastic educational resource, and is one of those text books that you will return to time and time again..."
"...I think it's brilliant - it's like being given training wheels while you are learning a complex skill that can save someone's life..."
"Excellent book!"


Abdominal X-rays for Medical Students sample chapter.pdf

Abdominal X-rays for Medical Students Sample Chapter.pdf  

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