Chest X-rays for Medical Students

A guide for students, junior doctors, trainee radiologists and nurses on reading, presenting and interpreting chest radiographs

Chest X-rays for Medical Students book cover

Cover of Chest X-rays for Medical Students Book


  • Provides a memorable way to analyse and present chest radiographs - the unique ‘ABCDE’ system as developed by the authors.

  • Explains how to recognize basic radiological signs, pathology and patterns associated with common medical conditions as seen on plain PA and AP chest radiographs.

  • Presents each radiograph twice, side by side: the first as seen in the clinical setting, and the second with the pathology clearly highlighted in colour.

  • Includes a section of self-assessment and presentation exercises to test knowledge and presentation technique.


Example page from 'Chest X-rays for Medical Students' book

Example page


Ideal for study and clinical reference, this book will be the ideal companion for any medical student, junior doctor, radiographer or nurse practitioner.


"...Recommended for medical students especially once you started clinical rotation! This book is very easy to understand..."
"Really good step wise guide to X-rays..."
"...My only regret is, that I wish that I had found this book earlier..."


Chest X-rays for Medical Students sample chapter.pdf

Chest X-rays for Medical Students Sample Chapter.pdf  

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