Radiology Basics

A free cross-sectional imaging e-learning resource for junior doctors and medical students

Radiology Basics

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Learn the basics of CT, MRI and Ultrasound

Radiology is often a neglected component of the undergraduate curriculum.  Plain films are given much more importance than cross-sectional imaging, and rightly so.  However, it is important for junior doctors to be able to identify certain important pathology on cross-sectional imaging, particularly in the ED where the interpretation of a radiologist may not be immediately available.

A focus on cross-sectional imaging

The aim of this resource is to provide an easily accessible resource on cross-sectional imaging, aimed at the appropriate level for medical students on clinical attachments and junior doctors.  This resource includes the underlying physics, important presentations and common pathologies, with a focus on acute conditions.  Important cross-sectional anatomy is also presented, this may be useful for more junior students and for revision purposes for senior students.


"This is a great learning site for radiology and medical students"

"This is very fun and easy to use. Thank you for making such a useful resource free"

"Radiology Basics is an informative introduction to radiological anatomy disease. Scrollable images make it an interactive and engaging means of learning, and a "must have" for medical students and junior doctors!"

"This is very fun and easy to use. Thank you for making such a useful resource free"

Get the book for free

The Radiology Basics notes can also be download for free as an interactive e-learning book for iOS devices, with scrollable image stacks and illustrated examples of common pathologies. Please note that this is only available on Apple iOS devices.

The authors

Any feedback and comments are much welcomed and appreciated!  You can always contact us here.  Enjoy!

Dr Melisa Sia
Radiology Registrar, Norwich Radiology Academy

Dr Vikas Shah  
Consultant Radiologist, University Hospitals of Leicester

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