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ST1 Starters Guide
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ST1 starters guide

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Hints and tips for the FRCR exams

Hints and tips for the

FRCR exams

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FRCR Physics Notes
Free revision notes for the First FRCR Physics exam

Beautiful, organised radiology revision notes

Mock anatomy exams
Free First FRCR Mock Anatomy Exams

18 free mock anatomy exams with answers

Normal variants
Normal anatomical variants
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Radiology trainees

FRCR Physics Notes

Revision notes for the First FRCR physics exam

Free mock FRCR anatomy exams

18 mock anatomy exams for the first FRCR examination

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Resources for radiology trainees

ST1 starters guide, consultant job interview advice and example questions, money saving tips and more...

Starting as a new ST1 trainee?

We’ve produced an essential guide to help you quickly find your feet and give you a head start in training. There is information on registering with the Royal College of Radiologist, passing the first FRCR exam, claiming tax relief on your professional fees and subscriptions and more. Check out our free  ST1 starters guide.

Preparing for your FRCR exams?

Before you start revising, read our essential tips for the first FRCR, final FRCR part A and final FRCR part B examinations.  We recommend the best resources, books and mock exams to give you the best chance of passing. Make sure you have a read before starting your revision.

Coming to the end of your training?

Here’s a guide to preparing for your first consultant job with tips on what to do in your last year of training, and consultant application and interview advice. We have also put together a list of common consultant interview questions to help you prepare.

Explaining imaging radiation risk to patients?

If you are providing patients or other healthcare professionals with information on the increased risk of cancer from radiation exposure as a result of medical imaging, then is an excellent resource to help inform discussion. The calculator estimates the cancer risk based on the study, gender and age of the patient. Try their interactive calculator here.

Lastly, do you know the rules of radiology?

If not, Paul McCoubrie may have something to say about this! His light hearted ‘guide’ to day-to-day radiology is well worth a read. These are simple rules of radiology; uber-truths, the very essence of our dear speciality… and they may even make you smile!

The Rules of Radiology
The Rules of Radiology
Paul McCoubrie

Much straight-talking guidance on how to thrive in today's challenging medical world. This book covers the first 50 rules including "Rule #7 - Never let a clinician play radiologist", "Rule #19 - Beware the ‘fit 90 year old'", and "Rule #29 - Get off the fence". Enjoy.

Radiograph of a coffee cup
Coffee. Fuel for radiologists.