Final FRCR (Part B) exam

Also known as the 2B exam

The final FRCR 2B exams are held twice a year, in April and October.  Exact exam dates can be found on the RCR website.  Candidates are permitted to enter the 2B examination once they have passed the Final FRCR Part A (also known as the 2A exam) and have been in formal clinical radiology training for at least 34 months.

The FRCR 2B exam consists of three components: rapid reporting (also known as 'rapids'), reporting (also known as 'long cases') and a viva.  Here's some help for each component:



Information, tips, scoring system and checklist for the rapid reporting part

Long cases

Information, tips and scoring system for the reporting part


Information, tips and scoring system for the viva part

Lists of all 2B courses and more:

2B courses, books and online resources

A comprehensive list of recommended courses, revision books and online resources including links to practice rapids, long cases and vivas for the FRCR 2B exam

FRCR 2B Scoring system

It is important to have a good understanding of the scoring system for the FRCR 2B exam so here it is!