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We've spent many months painstakingly annotating images to produce 1800 mock exam questions for you.  At Radiology Café we feel that you deserve a high quality free revision resource.


"Really helpful a few weeks prior to the exam! The images are a lot more varied than other revision websites - Thanks!"

Tom Elswood, ST1 trainee, Glasgow

“Radiology Café is the best resource available for doctors preparing for their FRCR exams. In particular, the variety and quality of images available for the First FRCR Anatomy is superb."



Each exam is designed to replicate the first FRCR examination

There are 18 mock exams to complete.  Each exam is designed to replicate closely the difficulty and case mix of the real exam.  Each exam comes with a unique question booklet and answers.  To get the most out of these tests we strongly advise that you take the time to print this out and write your answers on it.  Research has shown than writing with pen/pencil is the best way of learning and retaining information (compared with typing).  Each and every question has been developed by a UK post-FRCR Radiologist.


Very easy to navigate

Each exam is colour coded for ease of use.


Works on all devices

The exams are fully responsive and mobile friendly.  This means they will work well on PCs, Macs, Laptops, iPads, iPhones, Android devices etc...  On smaller touchscreen devices the image viewer is touch-friendly so you can simply move you finger to flick between the images.  For more information on how to use the viewer please head over to the Instructions and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page.


Sample questions


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  1. Fourth ventricle
  2. RIGHT superficial femoral artery
  3. RIGHT lower 3rd molar (wisdom tooth)
  4. External carotid artery
  5. LEFT gluteus maximus muscle
  1. RIGHT medial malleolus of tibia
  2. RIGHT fronto-zygomatic suture
  3. Superior sagittal sinus
  4. Epidural fat
  5. Ileal branches of the superior mesenteric artery
Please note: This is only a small sample of only 10 questions. The mock exams consist of 100 questions each.


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A few feedback comments...

“Amazing resource - literally JUST what we need to practice for FRCR Part 1 Anatomy. This is a god send. Most courses don't allow you to keep images - and I've gone away wishing I could re-reference them. Doing these mock exams in real time I feel will really help me to prepare well for the exams. So a big THANK YOU!!"
“Got 97% for anatomy, thanks for your help!! Yours was my main resource"
“Thank you for this wonderful compilation of anatomy mock exams which was extremely helpful in my preparation. I am pleased to say the exam went well and this played a major role in my success. Thank you once more."
“I just want to thank you so much for your help. I passed my First FRCR exam in anatomy and your mock exams were an invaluable aid to my success"
“I found the past papers on Radiology Cafe invaluable - I thought they were really representative of the difficulty of the anatomy exams, which I think were more difficult than recent years - I haven't come across a pass mark higher than 69% amongst the papers sat by myself or my peers"
“The mock exams certainly helped me in the final stages of preparing for the anatomy exam. I felt the example questions were more representative of the questions encountered in the exam, compared to other leading online resources"
“Finally finished the whole lot! Thank you so much - they were absolutely incredible and hopefully will have made a great difference to the exam"
“Extremely helpful and I would like to say thanks for such a great resource"
“Very nicely presented. Really useful"
“Very good (and challenging)"
“The Part 1 revision resources at Radiology Cafe are well designed, challenging and completely free! Thank you for helping me pass my exam; highly recommended!"
“I just wanted to say thank you for the resource. Great to have such a large number of free mock exams."
“Really helpful, thanks. You really should be charging money!"
“Thank you for the great site. Good help for newbies like me"
“The abdomen MRIs were good practice. These are very tricky and difficult to interpret"
“Thanks for the mock exams - they are excellent!"
“I'm finding radiology cafe really helpful to use for revision!"
“I just wanted to say thank you for the FRCR anatomy mock exams. I'm finding them very useful, and appreciate your hard work"
“Extremely helpful in preparation and practice"
“It's super-amazing!"
“These mock exams are very good for self checking, and then stressing the areas which are weak. Thankyou so much for such helpful materials on your site"
“There are so many questions and answers, very good for a free resource. Nice format on tablet"

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